Who make money online

Anik Singal, I know that name doesn’t sound familiar to you,but let me introduce him to you.

Anik Singal is a well known online marketer who has several accolades under his belt.

His company, Lurn, Inc. has been featured in Inc 500 magazine twice as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

He has also been named BusinessWeek Top 3 of the Best U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25.

Anik has taught over 250,000 entrepreneurs how to start their business online – especially with email marketing.

He was, and is a source of inspiration for me personally, and for thousands of marketers worldwide.

Affiliate Classroom – The Beginning

Anik struggled with online marketing in his early days, and he literally was one of those people who type in “how can i make money online” in Google.

Unfortunately, that didn’t help. But he did join a few IM forums and started participating in them.

From what he learnt, he worked super hard and made a digital course. Released it. But it didn’t do well.

He had almost given up, when he started making some money with affiliate marketing.

Thank god for that, right?

Fast forward a couple of years – and he had released two AMAZING courses: Affiliate Classroom and PPC Classroom.

These two courses, believe it or not, gave ME my start online when I was struggling.

Special shout out to PPC Classroom 2.0, the course that gave me a kick-start with Adwords and helped me make a lot of affiliate commissions.

That’s the phase in which he was named Top 3 Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek and his company got listed in Inc500 fastest growing companies in US two years in a row

What can you learn from Anik?

He has written and published a free book for young people who are looking to be successful, he explains everything he has learned over the years in that book, its even called escape book, and I will link to that book below.If you want to become successful online it is better to learn it from the best.

After Years of Research, Discover The 4-Stage Process To Becoming a Radically Successful Entrepreneur!

Lurn & Lurn India

Affiliate Classroom was rebranded as Lurn, Inc. and soon thereafter he opened up offices in India.

I remember at one point, he had like 100 plus employees.

This was an inspirational phase for me because I was expanding my company in India as well.

He worked with some amazing talent and launched products like Launch Tree, and Empire Formula among others.

He helped me with my Profit Instruments launch as well. We ended up releasing half a dozen products over the next few years.

But then things started to fall.

He faced a ton of friction from all fronts.

His health deteriorated due to Crohn’s disease (for which he had already had a couple life threatening surgeries)

His business was faltering on several fronts.

This is the phase where he fell $1.7 Million in debt.

He closed his offices, and looked to the future – this time with a vision and plan.

Focusing solely on the things that had worked for him in the past – like email marketing, networking, copywriting, and product launches.

The Rise of Anik Singal

From 2013, Anik has been a non-stop roller coaster.

He started with his Inbox Blueprint launch, which did extremely well.

All the while, he built up his networking and relations with top personal development authority figures.

Then he followed up with a PD product launch: Future of Wealth.

After that, he wrote a book “The Circle of Profit” which was read by over 100,000 people.

His Inbox Blueprint 2.0 launch was extremely successful and paved way for Lurn to focus more on media buying and evergreen products – rather than a quick launch approach.

So for being a successful person online it is best that we look at the path of already successful people in that area, and Anik being one of the best we can copy what he has done and paste it into our life.